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Re: Tell me about your home birth!

Originally Posted by KelseyH View Post
I hope this is in the right place... Wasn't sure if parenting or L&D would've been better..

I am planning a home birth and have a pretty good idea of the supplies I'll have on hand (birth pool, basic birth kit, lots of towels , some herbs and tinctures, etc.). I am a compulsive planner, so I want to make sure everything goes off without a hitch and everyone (me, baby, DH, photographer) is as comfortable as possible! What I want to know is - if you have had a home birth, what did you have on hand that you couldn't have lived without, and what did you wish you had that maybe you overlooked? Just want to make sure I have alllllll my bases covered. Thanks!
My 3rd home birth will be taking place any day. Technically I have 12 days left, but we'll see. (hopeful and crossing my fingers that baby will come a bit early).

Here's what I have:
1. The basics: The pool, fishy net, & thermometer (couldn't live without it).
2. CLEAN HOSES for filling up the pool. Totally almost forgot this part until the other day!
3. I put a rocking chair next to my birth area so I can get out of the pool and sit with baby before walking to bed.
4. A few disposable adult diapers to use in conjunction with pads for those first 2 hours after birth. Then I use cloth.
5. HERBS - make sure you have red raspberry leaf handy & cramp bark.
6. in addition to cramp bark, have plenty of Ibuprofen available.
7. Peroxide for cleaning up carpet stains.
8. A list of peeps to call after baby comes.
9. music, lighting, & a space heater for mood and comfort in the room.
10. I make sure I keep my favorite healthy snacks stocked, so when after the baby comes I will have something yummy to eat.
11. My midwife has started recommending that I keep chlorophyll around to help build up my blood after delivery. I'm hoping this will help substantially as I typically loose quite a bit. She is also planning on bringing pitocin this time around for after delivery - apparently she thinks it might help my 'murder scene' (tmi, I know) after delivery. Hopeful.

If I think of anything else, I'll post.
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