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Re: Dry Homebirth, Water Homebirth or Hospital Birth?

I'm on my 4th baby right now.
1st baby was in the hospital - dry. 24 hour labor, uncomfortable. However, the doctor and hospital staff made the experience very poor. Wouldn't be that way for everyone.
2nd baby was at home in water. Very relaxing. 7 hours. The doctor from 1st baby had stitched me up too far though, so baby was half way out for 25 minutes which was EXHAUSTING, but if I hadn't been in the water I would have torn for sure.
3rd baby was at home in water. I was in the bathtub until husband had a few inches of water in the pool. waddled to the pool and birthed the baby before there were even 6" of water in it. She SHOT across the pool. lol. This one was kind of dry, but only took 4 hours total.
Had a midwife for all of them which I recommend.
My thing is: now that my labors are so fast and intense....I couldn't IMAGINE driving to the hospital in labor. No thanks. I prefer home 100%.
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