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Re: Blessed with Children, Struggling for More week of December 3rd

Originally Posted by amyltc View Post
Yeah I am ok in the classroom but by about lunch I'm just exhausted so I think I'm going to work until lunch tomorrow and play it by ear on Friday. I wish I had a job that was more like not interacting with people because that would be easier, (I love my job, but it's hard sometimes to hold it together and I have to) I just wish people would stop asking me if I'm ok. I know they mean well but it bugs me that so many people I didn't tell know what happened and it just upsets me. Plus what do you say? No I'm not ok, I just lost the baby I've waited 3.5 years to conceive and I'm not sure if I will ever conceive again, and now I'm facing more medical procedures and meds and its all very expensive, so no, I'm not ok.

Sorry I know I sound like a whiny b**** I'm not sure when I'll be ready to try again. I wanted to try again right away but I'm not sure I'm emotionally ready for an iui yet. I am wondering if we should try on our own for a while, b
I don't know. Sigh.

Sorry I feel like I'm totally clogging the thread with my rankings

Liesl, I'm praying for you and your bean. Your betas look great!
I totally understand. I only told two teachers and specifically asked them not to say anything. One is like a mom to me and she actually figured it out on her own and showed up on my doorstep at home with dinner the last time. And the other one is a really good friend who has been through it herself (many years ago) and she is the kind soul that picks up my kid from daycare for me if I have to be at an appointment. So she had been taking him home from school for me to go have all my betas and such so I didn't have to take him along and could shelter him. I did have to ask them to please stop peeking in my room while I was teaching because I couldn't handle it. But I know they mean well and were worried. And no worries, you clog whatever thread you feel like you need to right now!

Liesl- hoping for a sticky bean.

Mel- Yuck, good luck!
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