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Re: another toy question

Originally Posted by BNC View Post

I probably can pare down the doll house stuff to 1 bucket that holds both furniture and people. I think I'm the one with the hang up there....we have all the furniture for the fp loving family doll house....they really only need the basics....bed, table, chair, etc... they probably won't notice if the gardening cart or mud room cubbies go missing, lol. They have a TON of little people and animals they use as their dolls...probably 40ish. They do play with several at once, but I'm sure they could do with less.

I have the same doll house I think, and I'mabout to do the same thing you are. Get rid of the extra flower planters and towel rack, leave only the bed, table, chairs, etc. I think they'd play more if they weren't overwhelmed with so mny pieces. How many little people ca each girlplay with? 3 or 4, can you pare the littl people down to maybe 15, with 5 animals?

Maybe you mentioned th, but what is the layout of the room? a bunk bed, a toddler bed, are there any dressers or clothes? All the toys are stored up high right, so they're no taking floorspace? Is there a closet? A desk to do the crafts or do you do crafts in a different room?
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