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Re: Having serious 2nd thoughts on team green..

I hear ya on the agonizing team green thing. Its killing me already and I'm only just over 13 weeks. That being said as torturous as it's going to be i'm going to stick to it. I have actually found out with all 5 of mine so this will be our first surprise. I really am just waiting for my own selfish reasons of, my DH and DS really want a boy and the last 3 babies finding out they are girls I almost felt like I had disappointed them and didn't enjoy my pregnancy as much after that, but they were always happy after they saw her so I figure I'll wait. Also on the off chance that it is FINALLY a boy I think the look on my DH's face will be priceless. Of course if we do have a boy we are havinga SERIOUS baby shower afterwards cause we have nothing for boys after having 4 girls!
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