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My csections were both following inductions, so my biggest advice is always stay on top of your pain meds. Maybe they aren't as necessary if you haven't had pit maxed out twice over the previous 48 hours. I stopped taking Percocet (only taking Ibuprofen) with my first because I was in so much pain I didn't think it was working. WRONG! It was at least taking the edge off. Had a hard time getting back on top of the pain. I couldn't even handle holding my baby (and I have a high pain tolerance). It really made recovery rough (physically and emotionally). I didn't make the same mistake the 2nd go round and the pain never got to that level. I was able to hold and nurse my baby. This babe might be a planned csection, so not 100% on if I'll take the Percocet, but I probably will take some so I don't end up in that horrible depressing state again.

Other than that, move slow and accept all the help you can get. Pads on incision, tummy binder, etc.

I actually do wear pants after, but I wear my hubby's oversized fleece pants, and keep the waist band high (and of course have the binder underneath). Sexy!!
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