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Those who homeschool loosely/relaxed....

I am wondering how you know your kids are where they should be academically?

We are really close to giving up on our ODD's public virtual school program and pulling her out to work with her ourselves. She needs more challenging work and they refuse to move her on, despite the fact that she is reading 2 grade levels ahead, and doing math one grade level ahead.

But we feel apprehensive about the possibility that she could fall behind without us realizing it.

Short of buying curriculum on grade levels, how do you monitor your kid's progress?

And doesn't it get harder to do so the older the child gets?

For now, we are considering this approach:

*Lang Arts - read a story everyday, summarize it, and write every day. Keep books on hand for her to read to us, and have her practice reading aloud everyday.

*Math - continue with daily practice, and go along in a logical manner - so, teach her until she is proficient with +,-,x, / and then move on to more complicated ideas - fractions, decimals.... At some point, we will likely need a workbook or some form of guidance on this, but for now, we are comfortable doing just this with her...

*Science will be an "as we go" thing. DH wants to "be in charge" of all the Science lessons. He is pretty excited about doing experiments with the kids and stuff.

*Art will be incorporated into the other stuff, with drawings, occasional paintings, play doh playtime, etc.

.... Is there anything else we need to be doing? Will what I've outlined work? Did I miss anything?

I think we take a pretty relaxed approach to learning, but I do want some sort of cerebral activity every day. At the same time, I don't want to be so loose and relaxed that I fail my kids and they wind up speed bumps. DD will be 6 in January, if it matters.
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