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Re: Big Mama's December Support Thread

Originally Posted by slimy72 View Post
3 1/3 hour root canal anyone? They broke my tooth and my existing crown. Apparently my roots aren't straight (whatever that means!) and the infection was so bad they had a hard time getting it all out. I'm pretty sure I heard my VERY overly happy dentist swear through the earphones I was wearing to watch TV. And after being at the dentist from 10:30 am to 5 pm with only a 1 hour break, I got to go finish out parent teacher conference at school. I would ask can this day get any worse, but I'm scared that if I do, the answer will be yes. And then to make matters worse I was so hungry by the time all was said and done I ate two pieces of cream pie because it was the only thing to eat in the faculty room. And then came home and scarfed left over ribs and potatoes and a roll that one of the other teachers had grabbed me from our Faculty Christmas lunch. Oi, as if the fact that I"m laying in bed in to much pain to sleep wasn't enough I'm also in a food overloaded stomach ache situation and I'm light headed from all the sugar. Ugg.... hoping I feel better soon.
What a sucktastic day. You deseve a break. I hope you feel better and drink a ton of water today.
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