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Originally Posted by mammacandoit
I always get contractions around 20 weeks through the rest of my pregnancy. Each pregnancy is different.
I HAVE noticed significantly less contractions with my current pregnancy (due in 12 days!) because I have been purposefully drinking more water. Even though I already drank a TON it just wasn't enough. On stressful days I notice I get more too...but that could be in part to not drinking enough on stressful days.
My midwife told me to have a glass of wine if my contractions were pretty painful to calm the uterus. Have you drank red raspberry leaf tea? That might help too.

Good luck!
I didn't realize that I haven't drank much yesterday in the afternoon, that might explain it.
No raspberry leaf tea but I'll get some. And yes I also remember about the glass of wine. This morning it seems gone, I'm drinking water and coffee and I'll try to remember to drink more during
The day.
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