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I'm using (very loosely) the MFW cycle. In VA we have to test yearly in language arts and math, so I do my best to keep them at "grade level" or above on those subjects. Other than that, we're pretty free. We follow along loosely with what the curriculum is talking about or we head to the library/internet/youtube and learn about what the kids are interested in, or sometimes we just skip school altogether and bake or read or whatever. Grade levels aren't all they're cut out to be imo. As long as the kids are happy learning, I'm happy learning with them regardless of what we're learning.

As far as math, we do Life of Fred and then close to test time we go through a test review work book to make sure we're up to date on everything.

I go a little more formal for language arts. We use the CLE language arts light unit books. Thats the only real formal curriculum that we're doing atm. Its kind of boring, but since its just the one subject, its doable. I tried using their full curriculum one year and ended up unschooling half way through the year because we couldn't handle it. Lol

I've tried lots of different curricula and methods and this is what seems to work best for us. We just keep it light, but still have something to go to for "school" because total unschooling turned into total chaos in my house.
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