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My LO had blood in her stool again. I've been dairy free for 12 weeks and I'm trying to go soy free. I noticed that my tuna fish has soy in it. But I only eat it twice a week. Although last time the doctor tested her stool it was blood free and I had eaten tuna the day before so I'm not convinced that its soy causing the blood. The Ped also suggested last time that I cut out corn to but I hardly ever eat it anyway because I have a problem with it. Does anyone else have experience with this? What else might be causing this reaction. She's also been having a lot of green poops. I'm just getting down about the whole thing. I just keep trying after months of trush, blisters, gerd, milk allergy, slowing weight gain and now this again. I'm afraid that the Ped is going to suggest formula again. I hope not. There has to be a way to fix this. Thanks.

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