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Re: another toy question

Here is a picture of the room, pre purge and pre toddler bed. We added the toddler bed where the kitchen is in these pictures...took down the dress up station and the doll house and kitchen stand side by side now on what is left of that wall.

The closet is fairly large, and honestly, pretty empty. It no longer has the small dresser in there. I can store plenty of things in there if I needed to...I just dont want to look at it all. They each have 2 weeks worth of shirts, and a change of linens in the closet, then the drawers/stairs to the top bunk hold, socks, underwear, pjs and pants for the girls. they each have 3 buckets (1 for socks/undies, 1 pjs and 1 pants).

the wood bed in this picture is the toddler bed next to the bunk beds

You can see the size of the buckets I am talking about on the shelves around the perimeter of the room...they are all labeled so they can just ask for what they want.

The ABC rug on the floor is pretty much the only space they have to play back takes up 99% of the remaining floor space.
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