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Re: I need some suggestions - we are leaking at almost every change

Thanks everyone. I really appreciate your ideas!

I know the simplist solutopn is to change more often but unless we have a poopy doaper I really can't change more then every two hours. Changes take me at least 10 mintues (changing three tooshies). On a "cloth" day I am averaging 22 diapers a day and three sposies at night. It doesn't sound like much but when you add it up it means I am changing diapers and or clothes for like 1.5 hours a day! I know it sounds horrible but I don't know how I would fit more changes in my schedule.

I don't believe we have compression leaks (?) the inserts are pretty darn saturated. Especially with my youngest who of course is the one I am having the most trouble with the bulk on since she is still pretty tiny. The double stuffed diapers fit her older brother MUCH better then her.

Elastics are tight and fit everyones legs well. I have several brands of pockets so everyone has their own best fitting diaper.

Wash routine ---
I have a brand new top loader. I thought I would like it It is one of those hydrowave models which agitates MUCH slower then a regular machine. I didn't know it was like that until I got it home. I bought it for it's capacity and price. It is HUGE and washes our other clothes really well. I do a cold rinse with a tad of purex and two scoops of oxi, a hot wash with 1/2 the regular amount of purex and a warm wash (sometimes two). Here is the weird thing - I have soft water BUT my detergent doesn't sud in the machine. I think the agitiation is too slow. I have bubbles when put it in the machine and turn on the water but the act of throwing the clothes in pops the bubbles and they never re-form. If it agitate the water with my hand I can get suds but the machine doesn't sud again without help. We have septic so I don't use bleach. All my diapers are fleece pockets and my fleece is holding smells. I also have trouble with some happy heinys hemp stuffins I bought for over-nights. They are multi-layers of hemp and really hold smells. They aren't too bad out of the wash but the smell comes back when they have any urine on them. I've tried stripping BUT I don't have suds. I've tried different detergent - I'm on detergent #2 after trying three different formulas of purex (cold, free and clear, and regular). I am now using a generic purex look alike. We have allergies and purex works well for us - I use the same detergent for clothes as diapers to keep things simple. I can't use tide but could use something else if there are suggestions.

THANKS so much if you've made it through this novel I REALLY appreciate the advice. I used to love CDing. I threw everything in my front loader on sani - waited three hours and although the time was a pain the diapers were clean and stain free. Now I have stains and stinks and soaking wet kids....
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