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S/O How many toys do you think is just enough? How many is too few?

I'm like the other poster in wondering when I should stop purging toys. I think I'd always feel like I had too many.

Can you list ALL the toys you have? Do you think you have too many/just enough/too few? I feel like they play with everything, but when I list it ALL out, it seems like a lot!

Here's our list:

-word/letter puzzle
-number magnet
-writing/lined paper/pencil/eraser/sharpener
-cloths/playsilks for fort
-clips for fort
-wooden tractor
-wooden helicopter
-2 wooden boats
-3 wooden cars
-3 finger skateboards
-playscape items: 6 people, 7 animals (that we can find), 5 trees, 2 mushrooms, 1 lake, 1 big piece of grass felt, 1 night sky, 1 sun
-abc blocks
-3 puppets
-dress up clothes: 3 baseball caps, cape, dragon, crown, pirate hat, 3 swords, mardi gras necklaces
-anatomy puzzle
-games: jenga, memory game, bingo game, checker
-Art: roll of brown kraft paper; 8 stamps; 1 chalk ; a billion crayons; 8 paint colors/4 brushes/3 smocks; tape; glue; 3 scissors; 3 embroidery hoops/thread/needles; 2 jars full of wool/felting needles; pipe cleaners; acorn tops; buttons; ribbon scraps
-big book for dried leaves
-gardening: 3 shovels/3 garden gloves/3 bug jars
-outdoor vehicles: 1 trike/1 balance bike/1 scooter
-outdoor toys: 1 bubble/1 soccer ball/1 football
-Play kitchen/11 pieces of food/8 pieces of kitchen tools
-30-35 books total
-3 dolls/3 stuffed animals
-instruments: guitar, big djembe, 2 mini djembes, 3 shakers, tambourine type thing, slide whistle, train whistle

All this is after purging! It seems like sooo much in list form. It makes me want to get rid of more, but I don't want them to have too little.

Can you share your unabridged list?

ETA: forgot their train tracks, 7 trains, an art model guy (those wooden, pose-able things), small broom, small mop

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