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Re: Anyone have pics of a 8-14lb baby in a BG Newborn and BG 4.0 for comparing

For us the BG newborns were my least liked newborn diapers. They were also the first to be out grown. My Baby was born 7.5 lbs, and she out grew them in absorbancy before fit. But the fit was never very good either. They were packed away and the smalls taken out before she was 1 month old.

I would look at Tots Bots Tini Fits. I LOVED those for an easy velcro diaper. Those and Swaddlebees Simplex were my favorite newborn diapers. Lasted MUCH longer and were never out grown absorbancy wise. They were great diapers. I have pictures of my DD in a Simplex in the hospital and at 3 months old. She outgrew them sometime around 4 months old. The Tots Bots were out grown a little earlier, but lasted more than twice as long as the BG!
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