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Re: Keep the clothes or give for consignment?

I'd sell them too. I "recycle" my clothes money. I sell outgrown things to buy the next size. It isn't about being "mean" or "nice" or not it is about taking care of your family. I give away all the worn, slightly stained, older clothes not in fashion - either for rags or to someone who can't afford any clothes. (I've been in that situation and if someone is truly in need, like I was, they won't care if clothes are older or less then perfect as long as they are clean and warm. With my oldest I was given a large bag of slightly stained or torn clothes which was a HUGE blessing!) With our clothes I pick out the best things - and sell them in bundles on craigslist. Clothes don't sell for as much now as they used to used but I can usually get enough to afford to buy someone else's bundle in the next size. Seriously I spend very, very little money on clothes because the same say $50 investment just keeps getting "recycled" by selling and buying and selling again. I do the exact same thing with baby gear. Buy used and sell once we are done with it so I get most of my money back. I consider it "renting" I was forced into doing things this way since we had zero storage in our old house but I would never change even now that I have the space. Clothes and baby gear gets musty and can get ruined in storage - I would rather sell it when it still has value then let it get trashed in storage.
ETA- I do buy new carseats and shoes in bigger sizes.

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