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Re: Changes in Bowels?

Originally Posted by Kiliki View Post
I know I already posted, but I wanted to say, I didn't have morning sickness, where I puked, I had this instead.

Suddenly, my stomach is turning, I feel like I'm going to vomit, I RUN full sprint to the toilet, only to realize once I'm there, it's the OTHER end that needs to be hanging over the seat.....

LOL sorry to be so graphic.

I obviously know what you mean. I never puked, with any of my 4 pregnancies. So I figured this was the other end of things... HAHA no pun intended....
yeah i havent puked either.. just feel green somedays. I was thinking as I was on my 3rd trip to the bathroom today that I am having morning sickness out my bum LOL... some people puke, mine is the opposite end.
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