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Re: Here's why I'll never order from Cotton Babies again

Originally Posted by buko View Post
I actually do totally, 100% agree with this, which may not have been clear in my previous comment. Of course, doing the right thing should be its own reward... but it does kinda deserve a thank you OTOH. Kind of like how Miss Manners says brides shouldn't expect wedding gifts, because that's not why they're getting married, but on the other side of the coin, wedding guests should feel obligated to give gifts (no monetary value required-- but some thought!) if they care enough to attend and celebrate someone's wedding. YKWIM?

I think it's the fact that she will "never order from Cotton Babies again" that makes me a little...

That is, that it would be such an affront as to cause her A) not to ever shop from them again AND B) intentionally post about the affront on an influential board... that's where I got stuck. Maybe not that you, OP, would expect "so much" gratitude, but that you would expect gratitude "so much" that this would inspire a pretty significant personal/public reaction.

THAT said, this is only my impression from an online thread. It might not be that serious to you to stop shopping a certain retailer, so it might not take much to tip you over the edge. That is-- I could be interpreting your post to mean you were highly offended (because it might take a lot to get me to stop shopping XYZ retailer), but maybe you feel you have plenty of options, or generally prefer other options, etc., anyway, so the fact you won't shop CB doesn't reflect extreme offense taken on your part, just annoyance.

This is how I feel. Sure CB should have said thank you. But to take such offense as to post and complain saying I will never shop their again just seemed a bit extreme. Perhaps though as this poster said it didn't take much to make op head to another of the many other diapering stores.
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