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Re: WOHMs in medical field

Job title? Paramedic ("Ninja Paramedic Mom" is what I prefer)

Degrees earned? First, you need to be a state certified EMT Basic. This can be a 2-week intensive class, or a 10-month-once-a-week class (8 college credit hours). Then, you need your state paramedic certification, plus small other certs (that take a few hours each), like ACLS/PALS/ITLS. Your paramedic certification program is usually a 36-credit hour program, generally affiliated with a college, and takes 1-2 years depending on how intensive your program is. You can often take another year of general education classes to get your Associate's degree if you want to. I do have a B.S. in psychology and therapeutic recreation, but it doesn't help my paramedic job any.

Typical weekly schedule? two 24-hour shifts. Depending on your agency, you may work 12 or 16 hour shifts instead, or if you have a slow agency, you could work 40 straight.

Average wage? It depends on your area; call your local ambulance and ask. On a good week, I make $14/hour. Yeah...$14/hour to assess people, give medications, intubate, put IV lines into their bones, try to bring them back to life, support families in crisis, and move around performing life saving measures while in a moving vehicle. Oh, and don't forget the being up all night part.

What is a typical shift like (what do you DO?) Everything. You wear a uniform, carry drugs, and then respond to 911 calls, take transports from one hospital to the next, help people up who fell, do search and rescue, etc.. Think of it like being a Dr. in an ER, but you aren't a Dr. and you aren't in the ER.

Call your local ambulance and schedule a ride along for a day!

Making an almost FT WAHM income--ASK ME if you want help doing the same!!!!
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