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Re: How close to due date did you keep working?

Originally Posted by amb2j View Post
With DS, I worked until my "due date" and delivered a week late. I was ready to quit working probably around week 35 or so, but pushed through so Id have more leave/time with him after he was born.
With this pregnancy, Im due March 4, but Im not taking leave until March 11 lol! Its my way of ensuring that even if I go late, Ill have the most time/leave possible with the new baby!!!
I'm finding myself in this situation. My work was planning on being flexible in case I went late, but I officially put in my leave for this coming Monday.

The other day, my co worker came down with a mild case of shingles. She cannot be around pregnant little me, and since she's the only person who does the finances (we run an annual fundraising campaign that closes at the end of the month), I will have to take my leave on Monday now.

Another co worker is out after having a hysterectomy. Our staff is down to 4 full time people (including me) and 2 part time people.

So far baby appears to be progressing but I really hope I don't go a week late! I only get 6 weeks paid, and can add an additional 2 weeks unpaid, but I'd really hate to do that.
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