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Re: How to help my 13 yr old fall asleep?

Originally Posted by Superblonde Mom View Post
Can you have the 11 year old go to bed a little earlier than the 13 year old, so that she is already asleep when the 13 year old goes to bed?

I have an almost 3 year old, 4 1/2 year old, and almost 8 year old who share a room (their choice, they could each have their own rooms), and sometimes we have this problem too - although it sounds as if the issue with your 13 year old may benefit from some medical advice. Have you asked a doctor about it?

We play music in our girls' room at night, and make sure that they have enough night lights. I also find that if their day includes physical activity, and a limited amount of sugar, they go to sleep more easily. If they are too noisy for too long, I start to threaten that I will take the most offending person out of the room to sleep by herself for the evening (I make sure to follow through immediately). I don't have to follow through very often, because they know I mean business.

Another thought is to perhaps try some sort of relaxation routine. Maybe do a few yoga moves with her at night? Give her a little relaxation massage? Have her read a little before bed?

Those are my thoughts. Hope something here is helpful for you.
Putting the 11 yr old to bed earlier used to help. She has gotten to where she plays around goofing off too. I have 5 kids so I am not there 100% of the time because the girls room is in the basement and I often have a 2 yr old who won't stay in bed. So when he is finally asleep I do go down and sit in the livingroom there to make sure they are quiet.
DD loves reading, in fact too much sometimes becasue she sneaks flashlights to read by. she does use her cell phone for white noise and I think that helps her sleep. I know she has a hard time just relaxing at bedtime so maybe something like yoga would help. i am willing to try anything!
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