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swimming lessons private vs group?

My 3.5 year old twins have been having a private lesson (i.e. just the two of them) for a year, and are doing brilliantly. The only problem i have is that their 3rd teacher is now leaving and we'll be moving onto a fourth. They have all been brilliant and each brought a different dimension to the lesson.

But rather than try a fourth teacher I'm going to leave that school, so i have 2 options, either move to a new private lesson (with the owner so she won't be going anywhere), or go to group lessons.

With a private lesson they get 15 mins attention each, with a group lesson it would be less than 8. But how much more do you think they learn in a private vs group lesson? They can swim about 5-10m front crawl (but no breathing yet) and do back floats and swim on their backs with a float. I just don't know if we should carry on until they can breath on their own.

Any thoughts?
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