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Re: Need your advice! Natural fibers that stay soft when line dried?

Originally Posted by afkohler View Post
So I love my diapers and inserts that stay soft when I line-dry them and don't need to be fluffed in the dryer afterwards. I'm thinking of switching my entire stash to those types of diapers/inserts to save time and money but that's a different subject. My question is, are there any natural fibers that don't stiffen like crazy when line-dried? My cotton inserts and my OBV-topped bamboo inserts do and I'm thinking of switching to hemp or bamboo for my heavy wetter. Also part of the reason I need everything so soft is because of my LO's super sensitive skin. Oh the joys of a sensitive-skinned heavy wetter!
Diapers lined with poly linings will be soft after line drying (DiaperMaker pique, microfleece, suedecloth). They are often better for sensitive skinned babies as they allow more air movement between the diaper and skin (moisture and ammonia are the prime irritants -- not the fabrics or fibers).

If you prefer cellulose fibers (cotton, bamboo and hemp), it's going to be a combination of fiber and knit construction. In order of softness, is bamboo, cotton, then hemp. As for fabric softness Jersey and Interlock are thinner and made with finer yarns, they will be softer than pile fabrics like fleece, terry, & sherpa and flannel. The only exception is velour - it is always soft - but be careful as velour has a much shorter life!
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