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Re: to circ or not to circ

We used the plastibell with my DS. I, personally, am happy with it.

Then again, I am not super-researched in that area, and I had VERY little choices.

We wanted DS circ'd (well, sort of... long story) and the ONLY person I could find ANYWHERE that would do it with pain meds used the plastibell method. Since I absolutely would not consent to having it done without pain medicine - and at the time, felt it was necessary, the plastibell it was!

My DS's circ is very loose,and we never had any issues.

I actually don't think the plastibell is as gruesome as some make it out to be. People have moles tied off to die and fall off all the time, and we did it to our cattle to steer them. It's sore, I'm sure, but I am not really that convinced that it is much more painful than having a piece of skin cut off and then the wound exposed the poo/pee all the time. Again, though, I am not super-knowledgeable on the subject. It's always best to research it yourself and decide which method you are most comfortable with.
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