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Re: Those who homeschool loosely/relaxed....

Originally Posted by Kiliki View Post
She is only 6. Does she need history?

I thought that would come later.

I am not even sure where to start for history. What kinds of things??

I was thinking, I guess, that since she is so young, we can keep moving forward with simple stuff, and when she outgrows it, we will find more material, whether that be buying formal curriculum, or getting new books, etc....

*** ETA: We just completed an entire book with an in depth study of the Bible book of Acts. It had a lot of historical info in it - how they sailed from one place to another, about the Roman Empire and various rulers/magistrates. We are now studying a book that reviews the Bible book of Jeremiah - a lot about what life was like during Jeremiah's day, who some of the Kings of Israel were before and during Jeremiah's lifetime, etc. These are studies we are doing for our congregation Bible Study, but we usually include the kids in reading and preparing the information. It's typically just about 5-8 or so paragraphs a week, so we try to go in depth on it and help the kids grasp as much as they can.

Is that type of stuff okay for history at this young age?

I just am not sure what type of history stuff we should be doing.

That might be a subject I end up purchasing a curriculum for, I suppose.
I think what you have listed is fine. She doesn't have to have history at this point. If you want some, that's fine too. Can I ask what your congregation is using for Bible Study? Is it a kids program, adult, or mixed ages? And yes, I think that kind of history is just fine. About the only history we did for a whlie was read the Laura Ingalls books. My DS loved it. Right now the only history we are doing is a bit of Bible stuff, and DS has taken an interest to Magic Tree House books, so there's a little there, and a George Washington book that he likes (a dull one, IMO). There will be plenty of time for more formal history down the road.
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