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Re: Labeling Legos

Originally Posted by Geckmumto3 View Post
My advice would be for her to make all duplos neutral ground. We started going down this path of yours/mine/ours with regard to lego and have ultimately decided to just pit it all together and call it "theirs." Each kid knows which special set is theirs, and we have shelves to hold "untouchable" projects, but the lego in the bins is for anyone to build and play with. My head is reeling just trying to imagine labelling and keeping lego sorted....
I agree with this. My oldest prefers to buy the kits, build them and then just admire his work. My youngest just wants to build whatever. You can imagine the turmoil in my home caused by legos. I personally hate legos at least partially for this reason. The rule here is that if the kit was purchased by or gifted to a particular child that child can build the set and it is placed up and not to be torn apart or "cannibalized" for parts. All other legos are fair game and belong to everyone. Most toys in this house are shared property.
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