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Re: Twin Reality Check

Hmmm... do I think you're foolish... in a word yes, lol but so was I!! We didn't do IVF but we were on monitored Clomid cycles so we were knew there were 2 mature follicles and we did it anyway. DS was only 2 when the girls were born, and the last 2 years have definitely had their ups, and their downs... thankfully more ups than downs. There were a lot of adjustments to my expectations. I did not nurse, though I did start out nursing. My girls wanted to nurse 1 1/2 hours at a time... so by the time I got one finished it was time for the next one to start, andit just repeated over and over, leaving me no time to care for DS, or myself. Even knowing that it would get easier I still just couldn't do it. I started out in cloth diapers, then switched from preolds and covers to sposies, then back to fitteds, then back to sposies... they've probably been 50/50 sposies/cd whereas DS was probably 75/25 cd/sposies. I've had to let them cry... never ever happened w/ DS. But overall you adjust, and figure out what works for you.

As far as the pregnancy goes... it is high risk, even one w/ no problems, I was super tired really early, visted the birth center at the hospital at LEAST monthly from scares, all of which were in my own head. But I never had bed rest, and went all the way to 39 wks 3 days.

eta. I wouldn't change a single thing. If I could be assured I would still have the exact same 3 children, w/ their personalities, and their bonds if I were to do it again and carry them separately I would not do it!
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