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Re: Fastest Rising baby names

:'( Both of my possible names for my first baby are on the list! Grr. I thoroughly vetted them, too. Our choice for a boy's name was #60-something last year, and our choice for a girl's name was #200-something. We are being slightly trendy by choosing a girl's name that ends in the -ah sound...Sophia, Ava, Eva, Mia. A little too popular! But we're avoiding the -er boys' names (we know so many...Harper, Hunter, Asher, Parker, Tinder). My name is Aimée, and even though it has a more unique spelling, it's pronounced just like Amy. At one point in my life, my roommate Aimée and I (no kidding) considered having an Amy party, because between the two of us, we knew about 12 Amys! There was always at least one other Amy in my grade. My third grade bestie AND my fifth grade bestie were both Amys!!
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