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Re: Is more time off ok?

I don't think it is a big deal to take a little time off.

But, personally, I feel like I'm failing majorly if I let more than one or two days go by without doing ANYTHING.

Could you just switch over to some easier stuff for a while until you feel up to tackling the more complex parts?

For example - right now, my DD is in a virtual public school. Well, they are totally screwing up with her. She has completed all of her 1st semester work, but the second semester doesn't become available until Jan 10th. So until then, we have NOTHING to do. And they made a royal stink about opening it up "early" for her... So we'll likely just pull her out and do our own thing b/c she needs more challenge, and they aren't willing to provide what she needs....

Anyway, sorry that got long. My point is, we have nothing by way of curriculum. So, I went to the library today and checked out some books. She read to me - just one book, but I made sure it was a challenge - and then we watched a movie about hyenas and then one about squirrels. She is now taking a nap, and when she wakes up, I'll have her write a couple sentences about hyenas or squirrels (whichever she chooses). And that will be her schooling for the day.

So, today, we did reading, reading comprehension, science, and writing. But it wasn't that much work at all.

There are also things like or that have fun, interactive learning activities that the kids can do on their own. I know it's "screen time" and some ppl are opposed, but if you can do something like that with them for just a short time each day and discuss it, that would be an easy way to keep her moving, but not feel like you are doing a ton of work when everyone is sick. Educational vids are great, too!

Ultimately, taking one (or two or three) weeks off will not harm her, IMO. You do what you gotta do!

I hope everyone in your family gets well again soon and things can get back to normal for you all!!
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