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Re: Moving into a REALLY small house...Good Idea or Bad??

What area of the country is it in, because if it is MI where I am and we would be sort of trapped inside for 6+mo I would say no way, but if you can comfortably be outside for the better part of the year I might consider it.

We just did something similar and I just about died, no joke, I think I have PTSD from it, this Last May we moved from our home that we built to an RV and lived there for 3mo, it felt like 3 years. But we did move into out home and I love it and appreciate it all the more! I am just so glad we don't have to do it again.

So if you do do this, I would plan plan plan and organize and then do that some more. Make that little space the most efficient little space ever!!!!! Or else you may just lose your mind. I completely underestimated how emotionally hard it would be to have everything in our lives uprooted, no real time frame of when to get out and how many things can go wrong while "building" I was a big ball of stress and I just never felt like I could unwind. Sorry, If I had never done it, I would have said, sure go for it, you can do anything temporarily, sorry I can't lie to you now

I hope it all works out for you, PS we have 3 boys 1, 3, and 6.
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