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Re: How soon do symptoms 'appear'? - Update post 32

Originally Posted by sweetgrace View Post
Well I know with me I didn't get BFP's until one day after AF was due. I've heard stress can delay a period. Are you under any stress? The only time I have had a late AF was when my cycles started going crazy, but I just turned 35 when that happened. Honestly, I would go get a test again.
Well, the only stress is because AF isn't here and i got a BFN on tuesday

My last 3 months have been 29, 28, 29 days in length, BUT i have had 1-2 cycles this past year that have been 31-32 days. So, that is why i thought for sure AF would be here by now.

I'm going to go get a test this afternoon I'll take it tomorrow morning if AF still doesn't show up. That way it would be FMU and maybe make a difference? I'll also 'splurge' and get a 'real one' as DH would say.
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