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Re: Is more time off ok?

My oldest is in 1st grade. We school year round just for this reason. I have 6 kids who are 7 to 7wks including 2 sets of twins (4 year olds and 2 year old). We need breaks sometimes and sometimes we need long breaks. So, we school year round to allow for a relaxed schedule and more overall time to complete each grade level or curriculum. We took off 6wks in Sept and Oct when I was very pregnant and then had him. We are taking off this week. We may take off the rest of the month. I haven't decided yet.

When I say take off, I mean take off completely. I don't worry one little bit about any schooling when we take off. We read if we want to and do crafts if we want to, but it isn't something I purpose to do or need to do in order to feel like we got something done, KWIM? So, we really do take off.

My son has never had an issue with any prolonged time off, not this year and not last year either. We did the same thing last year, taking off big chunks of time.

Your daughter will be just fine. You may even find the time off to be refreshing for both of you. I know for us by the time our 6wk break was coming to an end in Oct, we were SO ready to get back to school. My kids were asking when we were going to start again. I only took off 2wks after the baby was born because I was so ready to get going again. It really was a good time off for all of us and we were eager to get going again.

Enjoy your time off!!

(BTW - With toddler twins, you need to gentle with yourself. We get our work done, but I'm relaxed about it because HS'ing with little kids around, especially twins (2 sets for me!), is tough and can be stressful. Try not to let it get to you and take breaks as needed for everyone's sanity. )
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