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Originally Posted by NOTWMommy

Thanks for sharing that! I don't think that's what is going on as I am not nearly that far along and the IC is as dark of a line as I ever saw and I am a major POAS addict!

I had a blood draw today and will repeat on Monday I'm guessing because 48 hours is Saturday, but I'm not sure. It still Should show if they are rising or not but it's a looong wait.

I'm having zero spotting, but some twinges here and there. My temp is also still nice and high. For some reason the fear with this pregnancy is overwhelming. I don't remember being afraid when I was pregnant with DD, but then again, I was 23 and blissfully unaware of my body.

At this point I am trying to not let the thoughts consume me (not working so well).
I'm so sorry. I can understand ur worry. If that were me though my smu or even night urine was always darker than fmu. Not sure why but it always is.
Seems like many of us are pg with our rainbow baby or just very worries this go round. I'm glad we all have each other to talk with.
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