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Re: Sharing your food with the kids

It really depends.

They get to eat however much they want at mealtimes, but the rule is, once you say you are done, you're done. Esp if you then have dessert. Dessert is the END of mealtime. So, we tell them to be completely sure they are full before they have dessert b/c after dessert, they will not eat anymore. (until next meal/snack)

But if they eat everything I've given them and are still hungry, I always make more food for them. I never deny them food when they are asking IF it is during mealtime.

Sometimes, they eat their lunch, and then I sit down and they want whatever I have. I typically feed them first, then myself.

If they just nibbled and picked at their food and fussed around, no I usually do not share. They had the chance to eat and they didn't. If they cleaned their plate, and they are still eating at the same time I am, and have not finished, yes, I share a bit or two, but not more than that. If we're all eating together, they finish all their food and then go after my food, I offer to make them more of their own, rather than them eating mine. If they decline, no I don't share. If they say yes, I get up, make more for them, put it on their plate, and they eat theirs and I eat mine.

...guess I never realized how particular I am about this!
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