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Approximate date of purchase: November 2012

Where did you purchase the item from: DS - contact through personal e-mail

What did you buy: 2 custom Large soakers

How was the customer service: Great! Fast communication and had a custom size sewn. Very easy!

Review of the product: I bought these to use at night. I have been using disposables, and really wanted a nice night option for my heavy wetter but did not want to go the wool route. When I started researching fleece I knew that these were my solution. They are made very well and with high quality fleece. I have been using them at night and they have been FABULOUS! His bum is NEVER red in the morning either, which had been a problem with pockets.

Any additional comments: I think that these were for sure worth the extra expense compared to other fleece soakers.

Would you do business with them again? YES!!!!!
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