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Re: Fastest Rising baby names

Originally Posted by aimeelee76 View Post
:'( Both of my possible names for my first baby are on the list! Grr. I thoroughly vetted them, too. Our choice for a boy's name was #60-something last year, and our choice for a girl's name was #200-something. We are being slightly trendy by choosing a girl's name that ends in the -ah sound...Sophia, Ava, Eva, Mia. A little too popular! But we're avoiding the -er boys' names (we know so many...Harper, Hunter, Asher, Parker, Tinder). My name is Aimée, and even though it has a more unique spelling, it's pronounced just like Amy. At one point in my life, my roommate Aimée and I (no kidding) considered having an Amy party, because between the two of us, we knew about 12 Amys! There was always at least one other Amy in my grade. My third grade bestie AND my fifth grade bestie were both Amys!!
I know an Aimee! If I ever named a child Aimee, that's how I'd spell it

Originally Posted by qsefthuko View Post
This thread makes me laugh. I don't understand why it matters. For me my children are unique. Their names don't make them more or less unique. If you like a name why does it matter if someone else uses it or doesn't use it? The trend is to look for uncommon names. Using an uncommon name because no one else you know is using it just means to me you are just following the current trend instead of just doing your own thing.

Out of all my siblings the only one with a name I would consider unique is the most traditional one among us.
I get the feeling you don't have a super common name.
because it gets old having a super common name.
and you don't want that for your children.

although I do not condone all the silly spellings of names just to be unique. If I like a name, I will use it, but I prefer my child not to have to be 'Emily H' or whatever in her classes since there are 1 or 2 or 3 Emily's in the room. (although, to be fair, I am old enough that Emily was not super common among my classes growing up, I'm just using it as an example).
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