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your inlaws (for me just fil) invited themselves to visit every year for your kids birthdays, without asking if its alright?

(I mean, week or weekend visit per bday.)

I have underlying issues with fil that I just dont know how to deal with, so I don't know if Im off here in being aggravated.
FIL came last year for dd and ds bday, and it it looks like hes doing the same thing this year, I talked to him this morning and he lmk hes coming for dds bday.
He comes from 14 hours away so he stays in our home for about a week.

It's starting to bother me that IDK when the next time will be that dh and I can spend our kids actual birthdays with just them

eta he will be flying so he wont have a car. Our car only seats our family so that means we cant take dd anywhere for her birthday unless we leave him here, which dh would have a problem with and consider it rude.
Also, fil invites someone else to come with him, almost every time, without asking us if we have space or if it's a good time, or ANY thing. Just assumes whatever he wants to do is fine by us.

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