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Re: A couple questions...

1. How do you label your bottles? I've been using Sharpie, but it wipes off every time I wash them.

Orbit labels. They are basically custom ordered rubber bands with embossed names that you put around bottles.

2. Does anyone leave their pump at work during the week? I feel like I have so much to haul back and forth everyday. Thinking of just leaving the pump and bringing bottles and pump parts back and forth for cleaning. What are your thoughts?

Too scared of it getting stolen. Though I would leave it in my car. Which makes no sense what so every!!

3. I provided both cloth wipes soaked in water and just a few disposables just in case. I would rather them use the cloth, but I don't think they have yet. It's not a big deal, but what's the best way to approach it with them? I am thrilled that they are having no problems with prefolds and covers and I don't want to rock that boat!

Stop bringing disposables. I bet they won't use them unless they don't have a choice. I did CD at daycare, but found disposable wipes were just easier for them, so I did that.
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