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Re: Would it bother you if..

Originally Posted by RainandRedemption View Post
Well he did give us notice this time, her bday isnt until February.

My issue is specifically that he assumes he can be here for every kids birthday every year, and thus DH and I don't get time alone with our kids on their bday. Also that our car doesnt seat more than the four of us, so that means we cant take dd anywhere special for her bday.

Yes theres a lot more going on than just this. I have a hard time with FIL.... I feel awful about it but I have anger towards him and have trouble respecting him. Almost everything he does makes me angry and I dread his visits. IDK how to get over these feelings.

Im totally open to the fact that Im wrong here. Just not sure how to deal with it.
I think the fact that he does not ask but tells you he's coming is extremely rude. But in our family, DH deals with his family and I deal with mine. I've had to tell my mom 'no' once or twice when she invited herself somewhere. She lives in town with us. I'm grateful my family loves my children, but you don't get to just say "Hey, I'm coming to stay with you for a week at X time, see ya then!".
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