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Originally Posted by leviandgarettsmom

OmGosh!!! If you're wanting us to tell you not to test, then does that mean there might've been an oops?!?!
There are always chances for us. We only do w/d and usually we DTD a few times around o...I am always hopeful.

Originally Posted by tedcgh

There is no reason to test on 6 dpo, maybe 7 but not 6. Bwahaha. I had to resist this morning. Although My temp dropping even more helped with the decision to not. I wish someone could wave a magic wand and tell me what is going on with my body/temps. Cramps are worse today. So I guess I am either messed up or AF is coming soon.
I never said I was logical!

Originally Posted by MyGlorylife
I must be getting sick because I am so tired (not normal for me mid day) but it can't possibly be prego related cause I'm only 3 dpo.
If you look at the top ten signs/symptoms reported on, fatigue is number one for pretty much every dpo.

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