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Using different formulas?

I have coupons for enfamil. Mostly from Winn Dixie(see other thread about this horrible place lol) I get WIC and here in FL they give good start gentle. As anybody on WIC knows it is enough to cover most but not all of what is needed for the month. And every time I use the checks they give me enfamil coupons for $8 off and $5 off which are pretty nice dicounts. Plus I have yet to get any Good Start coupons even though I look for them and even signed up at Gerber to get some.
My daughter is 9 & 1/2 months. She does not have any tummy issues. She tolerated going from breast to formula without any noticeable problems. She has tolerated all solids she has been given. In just over 2 months according to WIC she needs to go to whole milk. I think she would be ok using both kinds. I probably wouldn't consider it if she were a new baby or younger infant but she seems to have a strong stomach. My question is is it really THAT serious to use different formulas for babies?

I know there is a formula area but this place has more traffic.
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