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Re: Can you critique/offer any pointer on my birth plan please?

Originally Posted by KelseyH View Post
Beautiful! I could probably take notes from you on how to sound firm withOUT sounding like the patient from hell. Haha.

Do you have a doula? I think one would make things a LOT more smooth for you during the birth, especially if it's something that's not typical for the doctors or nurses to deal with (like eating... Or walking around... You know, normal things for humans to do.). We are planning a HB, but if extenuating circumstances arise and we do have to transfer or plan a hospital birth, our doula will be coming with us as support for our decisions, and so DH doesn't have to worry about doing all the "bullying", if you will, by himself.
Originally Posted by EmilytheStrange View Post
good job!
Thanks ladies And thank you for your help getting it to this point! It was hard to find that balance Kelsey of being firm without giving that patient from hell impression, haha! We are planning to take in a bunch of mini muffins for the nurses/NICU staff/whoever is there so hopefully that will help them see I am not a witch too
I don't have a doula, I have considered it, but we are really tight on money right now and can't afford it. I have a friend who was going to go to the class and become one, but she hasn't done it yet and when I talked to her about it she didn't seem super interested in being a doula for us anyway. I suppose I could try and find someone who just finished classes and needs experience to get certified still, but it's hard since we are traveling 3 hours away to have him too, so I'd probably want a doula that is down where we are delivering. I don't know. Hopefully my DH will be enough support.

Originally Posted by mammacandoit View Post
Great job!
If it were me, these were the things that I noticed that I would take another look at:

1. After baby is born I agree that the placenta should stop pulsing. However, sometimes it is nice to get that shot of pitocin to lessen bleeding. My at home midwife even carries it with her just in case.

2. I would have them ASK YOU if they can do vag checks...not just assume that they can.

3. Are you planning on taking an herbal bath after? would you even mention that?

Otherwise - I think it rocks! Great job for you being so in charge of your birth.
Thanks I didn't have any bleeding issues with my DD, that is why I put that in there, but I am open to the shot of pitocin IF it is deemed necessary, I just don't want it for no reason if my body is handling everything fine on it's own, you know? I'll consent if my dr says he thinks it necessary. I'm not planning an herbal bath, no. I did with my DD but we were at home and I was able to have her with me. This time I just want to shower and get myself to my son in the NICU as quickly as I can! It's killing me that I have to be separated from him and I want to be with him as much as I can.
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