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Re: How nuch do you spend?

We must live in two VERY different areas as far as cost of living. In my area $5000/year/1 child is the lower end of what you would expect to pay for private. I couldn't spend that if I tried.

That said, I don't put much thought into how much I spend. I just buy what I feel we need for the lowest cost I can find (usually new). I do compare prices when thinking about which curriculum to choose, but it isn't a big concern of mine and really only comes into play if I feel two programs are pretty equal. Then, I'll go for the less expensive. We don't have a yearly budget.

But a rough estimate of this year (1st) would be about $250 for just him, maybe $300 if you include siblings. I do expect that to go up as he gets older. Even next year, I expect it will be more like $350. Then, after 2nd it will go up another $50 or so (we use MFW and plan to continue). So, for elementary and middle, I expect it to top out at between $400 and $500. I have no clue about high school.

However, the kids behind him should be a lot less because they will only need the consumables if we stick with the same curriculum for them, which I do intend to but we'll see. They will also all use the same core. So, the main portion of what I buy for my olders, I'll be using with all the kids who are schooling at the same time. I don't plan to spend that amount for all the kids each year. That plus maybe $50 - $75 more per extra student. I have 6 kids total. I think at some point I might be spending close to $1000 or so per school year for all my kids. But, that is still no where near the $5000 PER kid for private around here.

That was long winded and rambling. I hope I answered your question.
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