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Re: My first bad WIC experience

I am sorry about that Mama! I have WIC too, but on the debit card. It annoyed me the one day I went to get eggs, the guy didn't call somebody to get a price on them til the last minute then they gave me one with broken eggs in it (I didn't know for a couple of weeks when we later used them). Also got into a fight with them because my fruit was over the price and had to do a completely different transactions. I also went to a "central market" of a local grocery store (HEB) where they said they took WIC then went I went to check out, they didn't! I couldn't find those specific vegetables at a regular HEB, so I was not happy. But one time, there was a coupon for $1 off Oreos when you bought a gallon of milk. We put it on the same transaction and it still took the coupon even after WIC took the milk.

I also hate it when they treat you like you're dumb when you use it.
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