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Re: Keep the clothes or give for consignment?

I had a LOT more than 3 bins of clothes for DS by the time he was one, LOL, and they are pretty big bins. I kept them until this past summer when he was turning two and decided there were so many in there I didn't even like that much and things that I never used (like sleep gowns for example) because I didn't like the style. Annoying sleepers like things that buttoned in the back or things that just fit really weird, etc. The bins were already organized by age and season. So I went through them, kept the things I really liked, and re organized them.

Everything else I put up for sale in a late season yard sale. It was priced cheap, and things were VERY nice, but we got hardly any baby clothes shoppers. Only a few, and those few did buy a lot. But there was just SO MUCH. The rest I bagged and ended up donating to a neighbor who does foster kid clothing assistance for the foster families that don't get their voucher right away to help buy clothing, and to assist those who get the voucher but need more clothing.

I had absolutely no interest in individually selling things, and I kept most of the stuff that would have been worth anything. CL clothing here I've never had any luck with. People want huge bags with good pictures of everything for like $10. It wasn't worth my time to do that, so donating it was easiest for me personally.

DS was an August baby, we are having an April baby now, but a lot of the stuff like light footie sleepers will still be interchangeable, he had plently of onesies year round for layering and whatnot so I can use all that too. We had lots of cute fleece things for DS for that winter, but we keep our house cozy and warm, and he sweat in those things, so he slept in regular footed sleepers year round.

As far as gender, I was just sure we were having a girl this time. My symptoms were totally opposite and I just had that "gut" feeling like I did with DS when I thought we were having a boy. This one is DEFINITELY a boy too. haha, so don't count on having the opposite gender.
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