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Re: Just not sure what my mom should do...

Does the child have a notebook that goes back and forth between parents and the school? If so, could she write in it about these graphic cards? Maybe mention something about "Mrs. Blah Blah has been implementing graphic cards with student. Since Mrs. Blah Blah would prefer the school to not use words with student and instead use the graphic word cards, would you like a set at home for use?" Something like that. Hopefully if parents are involved they will question why they don't want the student to talk anymore. If not, maybe stop them before or after school and mention the same thing.

I'm a special ed teacher and I believe she could get in trouble if she directly went to the parent and mentioned something. We have 2 paraprofessionals that are not allowed contact with the parents at all. But we have 2 others that are always talking to them. One even babysits for the student out of school. So it just depends.

As the parent of a special needs child, I would totally want to know. Especially if the goals for my child (which should be in the IEP) are going against what the professionals are now doing.
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