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Re: Osocozy staydry prefolds not absorbing

I only washed them a couple times before using them. I can't seem to find RLR anywhere with free shipping, and I'd hate to pay more for shipping than the actual stuff. I thought about washing them another time or two or just going straight to Dawn since I heard people use that to strip, but I don't know how much to put in. They didn't look as fluffy as my econobum or osocozy unbleached cotton prefolds, but I assumed since they were bleached and had the stay dry, they'd look different anyway. My covers are excellent. They do not absorb water when I pour a small amount on them. As for quick wetting, she's just over two months and I've not had problems with my cotton, but only on these and one other pocket dipe. The other fleece items have been fine. It's certainly upsetting to think that the reason I bought them (staydry) is the reason they might not work. I hope it's just a "need to strip" issue.
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