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Re: Keep the clothes or give for consignment?

I didn't (don't) really have anyone to "loan" clothes to, but honestly, if it was something I'd want back I wouldn't loan it to most people. For some reason, people I know seem to think it's normal for all their baby and kids clothes to be all stained and in rough shape. I don't do anything special for DS's clothes, and almost NONE of them have a stain in sight. I don't do stain pre treatments (we don't even own any) and I use normal detergent. If something is really tucky I'll try to get it in the wash that day. Otherwise it goes in his clothes bin and it'll be a week or two before the whole bin gets washed at once. So yeah, I wouldn't loan anything you would be sad to never see again, or see in rough condition.

I spend a lot of time going through clearance racks at lots of different stores to find nice clothes (gymboree, baby gap, etc) for a price we can afford, and much of what I buy isn't replaceable at the cost I paid for it. I'd rather not see it all get trashed.
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