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Re: Labeling Legos

I would try the sharpie as well.

And now I'm scared inside, lol. My teen DS bought each of the littles (5 and 3 yo) a bucket of Duplos for Christmas. This will be their first Legos ever, and my 3yo DS already shows a lot of obsessive-compulsive tendencies. Having his particular toys and knowing exactly which are which is one of his obsessions. I have already been playing it all out in my head and have just come to the conclusion that they will just have to share.

I might, MIGHT possibly attempt the Sharpie technique down the road if the sharing becomes a huge problem. I have bad OCD, my teen has it, and I'm certain our 3yo does as well. So I *do* understand why he gets so obsessive about things. If it wrecks his life too much to not know what's his and hers, I think this is a good alternative to the share all we normally do with other toys. And if DS1 had gotten one big bin of Duplos and labeled it as "DD & DS2" and they KNEW it was a shared gift, my 3yo wouldn't notice. But because they'll be wrapped separate and designated as HIS, I'm anticipating problems. Hoping not, but this thread is nice to see because I might be taking the advice here myself. LOL

Hope I didn't hijack too much!
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