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I'm not certain if this feeling/decision is forever, but when I had a surprise pregnancy last Spring (followed by a loss), we decided that having 3 close together and being done sounded perfect (initially I wanted a larger space and then 2 more (total of 4 living children), but hubby thinks he is maxed at 3 total). After losing that baby I HAD to have another, and wanted to get back on our new plan of three and out. I am now pregnant again, and still feeling done. I am just kind of over the idea of a large family (or maybe just exhausted with two toddlers, an "adopted" teen, a pregnancy, and a stubborn dog). I think the decision will stick for both dh and me, but time will tell. We are only 29, so we aren't planning on any permanent solutions so early in life. For the first time i am looking forward to being done with pregnancies, infancies, etc. and I'm looking forward to returning to my studies. Up to this point I was just content to be here with my babies forever. I am hoping it is a true heart change so hubby and I don't bump heads later.
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